Hospital Cashback Information

Hospital Cashback Information

Cover Premium plan Basic plan
Minimum hospitalisation period 24 hours 48 hours
Pre-existing condition Yes No
Maternity Yes No
Cash benefit whilst still hospitalised 3 days 7 days


  1. Premium Plan


  Daily benefit Monthly premium Daily benefit Monthly premium
  Adult Minor
Option 1 100.00 2.10 50.00 1.35
Option 2 200.00 4.20 100.00 2.70
  1. Basic Plan
  Adult Minor
Option 1 100.00 1.45 50.00 1.00
Option 2 200.00 3.20 100.00 2.00


  • For hospitalization within 14 days of discharge, admission will be treated as if it were part of the original claim
  • The maximum amount payable under this policy in respect of an insured person is up to 30 days of hospitalization per event and 60 days per annum.

 Age Limits

  • 3 months to 69 years

 Waiting periods

  • No waiting period for accidents
  • 3 months waiting period for all illness;
  • 6 months waiting period for surgeries
  • 12 months – Pre-existing Conditions

 Territorial Limit

  • For hospitalization at any registered hospital in Zimbabwe

Claims Process

  • The Insured will report the claims to Zimnat Lion with full documentation
  • Zimnat Lion will verify claim details & payments and ascertain claim amount;
  • Zimnat Lion will pay claim directly to the client;

 Claim Requirements/Documentation

  • Completed claim form;
  • Hospital admission and discharge forms(stamped by the hospital and containing dates and times of admission and discharge); or
  • Medical report/Affidavit.

Claims Turnaround Time 

  • 72 hours from receipt of full documentation


  • Illegal Acts
  • War and Active Service
  • Hospitalization as a result of surgeries of a cosmetic nature
  • Any congenital abnormality
  • Attempted suicide, wilful exposure to danger
  • Hazardous activities

For detailed exclusions, please refer to the Terms and Conditions